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The highly anticipated midseason premiere of season 4 of “The Walking Dead” finally aired on Sunday and we have the benefit of writer Robert Kirkman, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly on Feb. 9, as well as others to help us break it down.
Rick and Carl
We had heard a great deal about how this would be all about Carl. In the beginning, he is Angry with Rick because he thinks his dad screwed up. He is angsty and cocky,barbour jacket sale, trying to prove he can survive on his own. He does a decent job, until the end, when he crumbles and discovers he needs his dad more than he wanted to admit. Whereas the episode started with them being at their lowest relationship point, it ended with them being reunited and working more cohesively together than ever before. It demonstrated how tough and at the same time, how vulnerable Carl is.
The two are back on the road again and every event seems cause for Carl to act in defiance of Rick. He shouts when he should be quiet, he shoots a walker when he could have killed it more quietly. Things get tenser when they finally take shelter in an abandoned home. When Carl can’t wake Rick and a pair of walkers tries to get in, he lures them away. Unfortunately, he is ambushed by a third and nearly dies. He has to shoot all three, with the corpses falling on top of him.
Back at the house, Rick is still nonresponsive; Carl launches a tirade at him.”I still know how to survive,” he says. “I don’t need you anymore.”
“You couldn’t protect anyone,” he continues. “You just wanted to plant vegetables. You wanted to hide. You were their leader! But now you’re nothing.”
“I’d be fine if you died,” he says

Carl visits a nearby house and finds a cache of food but nearly gets bitten by another zombie. He indulges in a rooftop pudding-eating binge before returning to his dad who is still not moving. The strange noises Rick makes have Carl thinking dad may have died and turned. Aiming the gun at his father, he begins to cry and realizes just how much he still needs the man. With the gun pointed at his head, Rick wakes up and tells Carl he is now a man.
Michonne’s story picks up right outside the prison too. She hacks up a pair of walkers, removing jaws and arms and ties them up. Now she can walk freely with her zombie camouflage. That doesn’t prepare her for the sight of Herschel’s zombified head which she has to stab in order for him to have peace.
In a flashback that seems more like nightmare, a well-dressed Michonne is talking with her lover and his friend about art. She is holding her young son. Gradually the conversation changes to survival, the apartment looks different and their clothes are more tattered. Eventually the nightmare changes and she is leading the two men, now zombies – armless and jawless through a pack of zombies. At the end of the scene, she screams and wakes up inside a car.
Later she passes one who looks a bit like her and she goes nuts,barbour international, slicing zombies left and right. The body count is near 20. Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, it was about her realizing that could have been her and it’s not going to be her. She’s a fighter, “fighting for herself, her fighting for her will.”
After the battle, she sees muddy boot prints leading up a road and follows them. She spies Rick and Carl eating in a house & knocks on the door. Rick grins when he peers outside to see who it is.
“It’s for you,” he says to Carl.
Kirkman explained that this scene, without any direct links, clearly explains Michonne’s reaction to holding baby Judith back at the prison. He also indicated there was more to her backstory and it will all come out very soon.
“The Walking Dead” will be back on Sunday, Feb. 16 on AMC.
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The American Association of School Librarians (A.A.S.L.), a division of the American Library Association (A.L.A.), again joined the Alliance for Excellent Education and other national educational associations and organizations in celebrating the third annual Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Digital Learning Day is a nationwide celebration of teaching and learning through digital media and technology that engages students and provides them with a rich, personalized, education experience.
Digital Learning Day is a national campaign designed to celebrate innovative teaching and highlight practices that make learning more personalized and engaging for students. It explores how digital learning can provide all students with the opportunities they deserve – to build the skills needed to succeed in college, career, and life. School librarians have the opportunity to increase awareness, thinking, and discussion around technology and digital learning before Digital Learning Day by reaching out to administrators, district leaders, parents, students,mens barbour jacket, and community members.
“School librarians have always been in the forefront of new ways to teach and learn,” said Gail Dickinson, President of the AASL . “In the digital age, school libraries become makerspaces as learners gather to explore digital tools,barbour international, resources, and techniques to match the needs of today’s students.”
The AASL and the Alliance for Excellent Education encouraged school librarians to participate in events and contribute resources through the Digital Learning Day Web site. Once registered, school librarians could share success stories, join a community of practice, download tools to promote the celebration and add their Digital Learning Day activities to an interactive map.
The Web site also hosts tips on how to incorporate technology into classroom instruction through free resources, toolkits,barbour outlet uk, blogs and webinars. It also includes links to videos about Digital Learning day from a student and a teacher perspective.
The AASL states it “promotes the improvement and extension of library services in elementary and secondary schools as a means of strengthening the total education program. Its mission is to advocate excellence, facilitate change and develop leaders in the school library field.”
The Alliance for Excellent Education states it “is a Washington, D.C.-based national policy and advocacy organization that works to improve national and federal policy so that all students can achieve at high academic levels and graduate from high school ready for success in college, work and citizenship in the twenty-first century.”

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Customer engagement is meeting customers expectations, through the service experience. That can be seen cross functionally in the business, which also includes the behind the scenes preparation for new customer initiatives. Engagement is not just a face to face interaction. Elevating engagement with the customer will impact the current business situation and the long term relationship with the customer.
Consider these 5 tips for better engagement with the customer:Keep promises to customers-Customers are more than willing to give feedback on products and service that will make their current and the next experiences better. Once a customer has given the feedback,barbour outlet, customize a personalized experience. Actually use the new information.Develop a culture and environment centered around the ‘customer experience’-Developing into a customer focused business means establishing and setting expectations that are linked to other aspects of the business performance.Look at the various benefits with customer engagement-Each employee in the business should be on the lookout for ways to elevate the interactions with customers.Provide recognition to employees for going the extra mile-Look for those employees that don’t just take the easy solution, but are consistently asking “how will this improve the customer’s experience?”Keep the customer coming back-Engage customers so that they will continue to visit the business,barbour outlet uk, make purchases, and tell others. Always consider what will excite and engage customers in new and different ways, to keep them continually engaged.

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According to CBC Sports, Charles Hamelin of Levis, Quebec has won the gold medal in the men’s 1500m short track speed skating event on Monday.
Hamelin was in the lead for the majority of the race,mens barbour jackets, but made brilliant passes on Chinese skaters Tianyu Han and Dequan Chan earlier on and then on Han and American J.R. Celski with six laps remaining.
Hamelin’s passes were extremely slick and smooth, and a major reason why he was able to execute such outstanding moves was because of his experience.
Tianyu Han of China won the silver medal and Victor Ahn of Russia won the bronze medal.
Hamelin won the second gold medal for Canada at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and fifth medal overall. Team Canada is in second place in the overall medal standings. Norway leads with seven medals,barbour outlet uk.
Hamelin has also won his fourth career medal (gold in the 500m and 5000m relay at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver and a silver medal in the 5000m relay at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin).
He will be a legitimate medal contender in the men’s 1000m (February 15,barbour international, 5:20 a.m.), the men’s 500m (February 21, 10:45 a.m.) and the men’s 5000m relay (February 21, 11:15 a.m.).

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According to Sportsnet on Monday, Canadian Marie-Michele Gagnon of Lac-Etchemin, Quebec was taken to hospital after falling in the slalom portion of the women’s Olympic super combined alpine skiing race.
Intitial reports are that Gagnon suffered a shoulder injury and it is safe to say the rest of her Olympic Winter Games are in question,barbour jackets.
Gagnon was not in contention for a medal at the time of her fall because she struggled in the women’s downhill portion of the event. Gagnon’s time of 1:45.39 was only the 21st fastest in the downhill and was 2,mens barbour jacket.71 seconds back of Julia Mancuso of the United States.
Gagnon won her first World Cup race in Altenmarkt, Austria on January 12 in the women’s super combined and was expected to contend for a medal in Sochi even though she is a stronger super giant slalom racer than a downhill racer.
Gagnon was to compete and be a medal contender in the women’s slalom on February 21 and the women’s giant slalom on February 19.
In the women’s combined on Monday, Maria Hoefl-Riesch of Germany won the gold medal,mens barbour jackets, followed by Nicole Hosp of Austria with the silver medal and Julia Mancuso of the United States with the bronze medal.

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Good Monday Morning, Fellow Seekers.So, back in December, I turned to Mrs. Capitol Notebook, and I said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if we had one of those old-fashioned winters, where there was picturesque and lovely snow. And the whole world looked like a Norman Rockwell painting?”Yeah .. um … Sorry about that.Hopefully you’re not too frozen and snow-blind as you sit down this morning for the start of a week that threatens yet another winter storm. We’re expecting a colleague to return from a brief jaunt to Florida this morning. If he says a word about how nice it was there, well … you know the rest.So instead, we’ll shift our gaze east this morning to Montgomery County’s 13th Congressional District,barbour sale, that the race to fill U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz’s soon-to-be vacant seat is about nothing less than “the soul of the party in a post-Obama political landscape.”And if you think that’s heavy for a Monday morning, you should read the rest of it. But Zito’s piece is a good summary of the 97-way primary pitting physician Val Arkoosh against state lawmakers Daylin Leach and Brendan Boyle, as well as former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies, who held the seat from 1993 to 1995. She’s also Chelsea Clinton’s Mother-in-Law,mens barbour jackets, so look for frequent appearances by you-know-who as the race unfolds.The race,barbour outlet, Zito notes, pits traditional liberals (Arkoosh, Leach) against an establishment Democrat (Margolies) and a up-and-comer (Boyle). If there’s a Republican running, we have no idea. The seat is almost assuredly going to go Democrat again. So in a bad year for Dems, they have that going for them, we suppose.The rest of the day’s news starts now.One of the big revenue raisers in Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget is an accounting gimmick, his critics say: , The Tribune-Review reports. At least we’re pretty sure that’s what it’s about .. we couldn’t pay attention to the whole thing.The Morning Call In case you missed it, we recorded with PennLive’s Robert J. Vickers after Saturday’s Democratic State Committee festivities in Hershey. And here’s our analysis of .Score one for the local guy: broke from the pack during this weekend’s Democratic State Party conclave.Keystone Politics Heavy Rotation.Here’s the new one from U2. It’s “Invisible.”
Sunday’s Gratuitous Soccer Link.Is Manchester United manager David Moyes just now catching on that something is dreadfully wrong at Old Trafford?
And now you’re up to date. See you all back here in a bit.

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Just in time for Valentines Day, the Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), announces winners of the 2014 ‘Longest Married Couple Project.’
Harold & Edna Owings of Burbank, CA,cheap barbour jackets, have been named this years winners. With their nuptials taking place Nov. 24, 1931, these grandparents of 12 have been married more than 82 years.
Ron and Judy Pekny, the United States Ecclesial Team for WWME will honor the winners.
“What a privilege and honor it is to recognize Harold and Edna Owings for their commitment to marriage,” said Ron and Judy Pekny, the United States Ecclesial Team for WWME. “We are looking forward to personally recognizing them on Valentine’s Day,barbour international, Feb. 14th,mens barbour jacket, in their hometown of Burbank,” they added.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter created the project to highlight marriage in America and to show young couples that marriage really can go the distance.
“What an inspiration Mr. & Owings are to all of us. They made a commitment to each other 82 years ago and they have kept that commitment over these many years. They truly are a sign of hope to us all,” the Peknys said.
State winners from across the country will be presented certificates of achievement and other recognitions by Worldwide Marriage Encounter couples during Valentine’s week.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter has been offering weekend experiences for over 45 years and is considered the original faith-based marriage enrichment program.

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Valentine’s Day is to be spent with those you love. It is a way to show your appreciation to those who are close to you. What better way to tell your pets how much they mean to you than do something special that they like to do.
Dogs love to run, smell their environment and eat so why not take them to the dog park or Bay View Bark and let them play. On the way home, a special treat that should not be a regular excursion is a drive-through stop for a plain hamburger. You will see how much fun it will be for you when your dog smells were he or she is.
Cats love high places and moving toys. So,barbour jackets sale, for Valentine’s Day,barbour outlet, put up moveable shelving leading to a ledge circumventing your apartment, home or even a room. You can get your cat to climb up by using a flash light as a guide.
Bird treats,cheap barbour jackets, hot rocks for reptiles or a new fish tank item are gifts that would be appreciated. Though birds show more emotion than a reptile those who have them find they do show caring for their humans.
Milwaukeeans can enjoy Valentine’s Day with their pets as long as they give them appropriate presents.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama says a construction industry pledge to hire 100,000 veterans by 2019 isn t only the right and patriotic thing to do,barbour factory shop, but also a smart thing for business.
The commitments by 100 companies and associations in construction were being announced Monday at a conference sponsored by the Labor Department and the initiative Joining Forces, a nationwide effort launched by Mrs. Obama and Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden, to rally the U.S. around military veterans, active duty service members and their families.
Nearly 400,000 veterans and their spouses have been hired under the initiative since it began in 2011, said Mrs. Obama, who was joining Labor Secretary Thomas Perez for the announcement.
By hiring veterans, businesses won t just be giving American heroes the chances they deserve to keep serving our country, the first lady wrote in an opinion piece appearing in Monday editions of The Wall Street Journal. And the companies won t just be giving veterans families the security that comes with a steady paycheck.
These businesses will also be ensuring that they have the qualified employees they need to keep growing and creating new jobs and strengthening the economy for decades to come,barbour jackets sale, she said. They will be sending a clear message that we honor those who ve sacrificed for us, and are determined to serve them as well as they have served our country.
Since Joining Forces began, companies with household names from Disney and Starbucks to UPS and Walmart have pledged to hire thousands of veterans.
But Monday s announcement is significant because it is the first time an entire industry has pledged to make sure that giving jobs to veterans is always part of the mix and is really ingrained in the DNA of the business model, Perez said in an interview.
Unemployment among the 9/11 generation of veterans, those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, has been steadily declining during the past two years and stood at 7.9 percent in January, versus an overall unemployment rate of 6.6 percent. President Barack Obama often says these veterans shouldn t have to fight for a job when they come home after fighting for their country on the battlefield.
The construction industry is growing and is a place where veterans can use their military skills,barbour outlet.
Last month, the construction industry had its strongest single month of job growth in the past four years, adding 48,000 jobs.
Nearly 180,000 construction jobs were created in the past year, Perez said, and about 1.5 million such jobs are forecast to be added through 2022.
Average wages are about $20 an hour, not including benefits, he said.
The industry s announcement is also timely because of the coming end, later this year, of the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan, Perez said. Thousands of returning troops will be looking for jobs.
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Evaluating ’s draft stock has NBA executives split in the aftermath of the guard’s actions Saturday.
with two hands late . A Texas Tech official told The Oklahoman that as the 19-year-old sophomore was being led to the locker room after the shoving incident, he continuously repeated that the fan called him the “N-word.” currently ranks Smart as the sixth-best prospect in this year’s NBA Draft.
“His stock is going to take a hit,” one NBA general manager told Yahoo Sports. “He has shown in the past few months that he is prone to outbursts. He kicked a chair (against West Virginia). He’s under a lot of pressure. The team is not doing well, struggling.
“Fans say things in the NBA every day. He has a history of letting people get under his skin,barbour factory outlet. The NBA fans will test him,barbour factory shop.”
Said an NBA assistant general manager: “Unfortunately for Smart, there is going to be a fallout after this. His reputation has taken a hit. That is all people and the media are going to want to talk about with him before and after the draft. Some teams won’t want to deal with that.”
[Related: ]
Other NBA executives told Yahoo Sports that Smart’s incident would not affect their feelings about the guard.
“It seems way out of character for him,” one NBA general manager said. “I saw the video of that fan in the past. I can only imagine what he said to the kid.”
Said another NBA GM: “I hope not. He would get punished for responding to someone calling him the ‘N-word’? Wow.”Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr s comments set off Marcus Smart. (Getty)
Said another NBA GM: “Marcus Smart just needs to play better. Pushing some [expletive] will not affect his stock.”
One long-time NBA scout said he still likes Smart, is impressed by his athleticism and sees him as a top-five draft prospect. An NBA assistant GM said that he has to hear all the facts before making a determination on Smart and said that his play is hurting him more than the push.
When asked if the push affects Smart’s draft stock, another NBA GM said: “No, it’s due to his game.”
Smart averaged 17.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 4.3 assists as a freshman, but decided to return for his sophomore season despite being projected as a top overall pick in last year’s draft. While participating in USA Basketball’s senior team mini-camp last July, Smart told Yahoo Sports that he would enter the 2014 NBA draft. Smart is averaging 15.4 points, 5.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists this season.
“He’s not a ‘can’t-miss’ talent. He doesn’t shoot the ball well enough,” one NBA GM said.
Said one NBA assistant GM: “He absolutely should’ve went to the NBA last year.”
One NBA GM said Smart is overhyped. The GM added that Connecticut’s Shabazz Napier,barbour outlet, Missouri’s Jordan Clarkson and West Virginia’s Juwan Staten are less-heralded guard prospects who are just as good if not better than Smart.
“[Smart is] a pretty good player, a solid player, but there is a lot of hype,” the GM said. “But by no means is he a superstar player. He’s tough. Not necessarily a point guard or a shooting guard. He’s a guard.
“There are other guards out there just as talented that aren’t getting the publicity. He’s going to be good, but he is being built up to fail early in his NBA career just like Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins is.”Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford addressed the incident in a press conference on Sunday night after it was announced that . “One day the NBA will get an incredible player and an incredible person that has learned a lot of lessons,” Ford said. View photo.Marcus Smart shoves Texas Tech superfan Jeff Orr in the closing moments of Oklahoma State s loss. (Yahoo)BasketballSports & RecreationNBAMarcus SmartNBA Draft

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